Welcome to Denmark, a whale annihilating nation.

February 3, 2014 SHOCKING


An average of 700 pilot whales and dolphins or more are brutally slaughtered in the Faroe Islands (Denmark) every year. Entire family groups of whales, known as pods, are driven ashore and killed with knives. The whale hunt, or grind as it is known, has been conducted for centuries. It once provided important food for the Faroese population, but today it is little more than a cruel tradition that produces meat and blubber that Faroese health leaders have warned is no longer safe to eat because of the toxic pollutants that concentrate in the whales.

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This is hypocrisy of the West in its foulest form. The media is full of reports on the Japanese whaling crime. But what the Danish are doing here is more atrocious, more abominable, and more abhorable. Yet, nothing has been reported in any media of this heinous crime against helpless creatures. Please pass this on. Please keep this mail going around the world…