These Images Are Living Proof That The Militarization & Federalization of State and Local Police Forces Is Becoming A Reality

February 25, 2014 POLITICS

Drones, Armored Vehicles with High Power Weapons, Tanks, and Battlefield Helicopters: What was once used exclusively by our military, is now finding its way into the hands of local police forces throughout America – and the Federal government is using your tax dollars to militarize these police forces.

The beginning of March 2013 saw the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announce their nationwide investigation into the increased presence of militarized police units in American towns and cities. The organization’s concerns are laid out on its website and backed up by ten “chilling” news stories of botched drugs raids, inappropriate handling of protesters, and the shooting and death of those mistaken as combatants.


American neighborhoods are increasingly being policed by cops armed with the weapons and tactics of war. This is not a conspiracy theory anymore. Local and State police forces look much different from they did 50 years ago, hell they look completely different from they did only a decade ago. Today’s police are being trained in, and equipped with, military gear and tactics – but nobody seems to be asking WHY!


The line between the Military, Local & State Polices Forces, and the Federal Government really started to blur shortly after 9/11. While the wheels had been churning for some time, 9/11 really allowed them to kick things into overdrive.


Union Clash

Following the terror attack on 9/11 in America and the subsequent War on Terror, however, the noticeable increase in usage of SWAT teams to carry out non-life threatening tasks — and the increased militarization of both SWAT and members of uniformed police — has been questioned.

This is a recent addition to the Yuma Police Department.

Tampa Bay is taking things to the extreme.


The infamous Boston Marathon bombings photo. Any reason why Police should point guns at everyone?

Your friendly Solano County Sheriff strolling around in a tank. Nothing to see here.

Across the United States, police departments both big and small are all getting in on the action. In fact, there’s so much money being spent to militarize these local police forces that government defense contractors, who once only dealt with the military, are now turning their full attention to police agencies.